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    Wuxi Xinfeng Chemical Co., Ltd.was started in 1980. The company is specialized in producing pharmaceutical intermediates, pesticide intermediates and fine chemical products. It also provides contract manufacturing service. The company owns three production sites,each of them is located in west suburb of Wuxi, Jiangsu; Lianyungang Chemical Industrial Park, Jiangsu; Ningguo County, Anhui. On the basis of advanced technology and reliable quality management system, the company enjoys favorable reputation in the industry.
    The company believes quality is vital to its development, so it always regards quality as priority . The company regularly conducts ISO9001: 2008 certification. It owns a group of professional QC and QA to control the quality of the products. The company also owns a group of senior engineers to do technology research and process improvement. The company signed coalition agreement with Changzhou University for R&D and new technology industrialization.
    The products N-Methylaniline, 2,2'-Dichlorodiethyl Ether, N,N,N',N'-Tetramethylethylenediamine, Akyl sulfonyl chloride serials etc., which are manufactured by the company, rank front among the manufactures in China for both the capacity and the quality. The company welcomes your visit and cooperation.
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